Carberp source code leak

Yesterday (6/24/2013) the Carberp source code eventually leaked to the public. It is a 1.9 GB package containing different source codes including the Carberp and Rovnix bootkit source. The package also contains sensitive data such as chat logs, logins, GIT repository URLs, original projects paths and user names in Visual Studio configuration files. There are […]

Partnership with, the worlds leading free sub-domain provider and Kleissner & Associates are announcing a partnership. We will analyze potential malware domains and provide statistical information to security companies and the public in order to make the internet a safer place. Historical incidents In 2011 (which is also owned by was kicked out from […]

Collateral damage by Microsoft

There is a good blog post by our colleague Roman Hüssy regarding Microsofts recent operation ‘b54’. Microsofts operation was not about arresting the developers of Citadel. It was not about arresting the users/customers of Citadel malware (it is for sale to anyone with $$$ on “hacker” forums). It was about taking over mostly old Citadel […]