Stuxnet still has active infections in Iran, we observe

As discussed in the last post we see worldwide virus activity. As the only company in the world we are also able to see the still active Stuxnet infections. Why? Because we own part of the Stuxnet command & control (C&C) infrastructure. If we were evil (which we are not) we could send them updates […]

Hands on North Korea: Virus infections and IT security in the DPRK

At Kleissner & Associates we have the world’s largest sinkhole and passive virus detection system in place. Based on our data we can confidently say that everyone is a target. With everyone we mean everyone – from private persons, over multi-national corporations and governments to the Central Intelligence Agency everyone features virus infections. On our […]

Starting development of the Kay Bot

Kleissner & Associates is happy to announce the first (to us known) research bot. We will use this research/educational bot to assist our entire sinkhole and virus infection detection system. Essentialy it comes down to using some of the same techniques as the criminals (e.g. fast flux) but for a better reason, with a different […]