Antivirus Tracker revisited

Back in October 2009 Antivirus Tracker was released publicly – a website that lists public IP addresses of online sandboxes/analysis systems such as Anubis and ThreatExpert. There have been very divergent perceptions of the publication. The Russian antivirus company Kaspersky and a smaller unimportant Austrian local one both filed lawsuits against Antivirus Tracker (both civil […]

Malware infections on IPv6 – already nearly 1% in the US!

Our entire Virus Tracker system here at Kleissner & Associates is IPv6 compatible: All of our domains have AAAA records, all our servers have IPv6 addresses and the database and Virus Tracker system handle IPv6 addresses properly. We are the first security company having IPv6 enabled on all sinkhole domains. Due to the abstraction of […]