Pony + Pkybot + Automated Transfer System = Banker

A couple of months ago we were analyzing a sample which was tagged as “Pkybot”. The analyzed sample was MD5 7609F372F9AFBAADA6AA330A829C90AF SHA1 F20CB7A64A4CFE4F7E41E2F983A8F34CDB5C153A, according to its compilation time stamp it was compiled on 10/17/2014 2:34 pm. Analysis turned out that it’s a Pony sample, there are 2 good analysis reports of Pony here and here. […]

Internet Attacks Against Nuclear Power Plants

We presented “Internet Attacks Against Nuclear Power Plants” at the IAEA International Conference on Computer Security in a Nuclear World in Vienna, Austria on June 3, 2015. You can read the paper here and the presentation slides here.