Kleissner & Associates to acquire the cz.cc / uni.me sub-domain service!

We are happy to announce that we have acquired the infamous cz.cc / uni.me sub-domain service!

cz.cc has a long history, it started in 2009, was kicked out of the Google index in 2011 due to abuse of the service by criminals and the same year Microsoft sued the company operating the sub-domain service again due to abuse by criminals.

In the beginning of 2014 it was sold from Netcom Limited to an US based company and now on 10/7/2014 we acquired it from that company.

We as European secure provider, FBI & NSA proof

We are an European company, hence we are obliged to Czech and European laws. There are very strong data privacy laws which prohibit us (without your consent) to pass any personal information to 3rd parties. Of course we have to obey European court orders (as we under European jurisdiction), but not US ones. Foreign law enforcements have to go the legal way through the law enforcement treaty (request for assistance in a criminal matter).

Abuse policy

We are developing a strong abuse policy but at the very same time we are having a strong data privacy policy. We will take down domains participating in illegal activities, however, we will not redirect those domains to 3rd parties as for example Microsoft was previously seeking for and writing in their official blog:

Rather, the controllers of the Kelihos botnet leveraged the subdomain services offered by Mr. Piattiā€™s cz.cc domain.
As part of the settlement, Mr. Piatti has agreed to delete or transfer all the subdomains used to either operate the Kelihos botnet, or used for other illegitimate purposes, to Microsoft.

Our abuse policy includes:

  • Spam
  • Phishing
  • Malware distribution and exploits
  • Botnet C&C
  • Publishing or transmitting child pornography

We only take down domains on a case-by-case base and only upon solid proof. Just sending us an email “domain XY is malicious” is void.

When reporting malicious activity always make sure to take sustainable actions, i.e. file a complaint at the police or the public prosecutor and send a takedown letter to the actual server hosting provider – otherwise the criminal would just move on with a new domain/infrastructure/setup.

Future plans

We want to continue with providing a free and secure sub-domain service. There is right now a paid professional plan with more features like an API which costs 19.95 USD per month – we are lowering that to 10 USD per month.

We are right now in the technical transition of the infrastructure. As you can verify in the who-is, we own the domains and do not hide behind any who-is privacy settings:

Registrant ID:AAR3403372396
Registrant Name:Authorized Representative
Registrant Organization:Kleissner & Associates s.r.o.
Registrant Address:Na strzi 1702/65
Registrant Address2:
Registrant Address3:
Registrant City:Praha
Registrant State/Province:http://uni.me/abuse.php to report abuse on a subdomain
Registrant Country/Economy:CZ
Registrant Postal Code:14000
Registrant Phone:+420.00000000
Registrant Phone Ext.:
Registrant FAX:
Registrant FAX Ext.:
Registrant E-mail:domains@kleissner.associates

As soon as the technical transition is completed we will start with improving the service for our customers!