Cybercrime Organizations – Behind the scenes

On January 13, 2015 we will present about “Cybercrime Organizations – Behind the scenes” in Zurich, Switzerland. The topic:

    How is organized cybercrime operating? Are the different groups connected to each other? How is their set-up? The talk will give an answer to these questions and a look behind the curtain. Different real-world cybercrime organizations will be analyzed.

Criminal organizations are usually built up like companies; they consist of multiple people each assigned with a dedicated task. While one person is responsible for developing the Trojan software, the other one is responsible for infecting new people (via spam, drive-by exploits) and the next one for cashing out and laundering the money. Much as in the “normal” economy tasks are also externalized to 3rd parties, which offer their services on shady “underground” hacking forums and dedicated websites.

2 famous examples are the Russian speaking forums “” and “” which are used by many criminals to buy and sell their services. Examples include the source code and services around the banking trojans TinyBanker, ZeuS and Android ransomware.

During the presentation we will connect the dots between cybercrime organizations, actors, service providers and at the other end also researchers / anti-virus companies / law enforcements. As a special case example we will explain what happened with ZeuS Gameover and one of the largest takedown operations initiated by the FBI & Europol in history.